Fareground's mission is to nourish our community by providing "pay what you can" delicious, locally-sourced, nutritious meals. Fareground will offer education and volunteer opportunities and be a gathering place where the entire community can share a good meal.

About Us

Kara Marie Dean-Assael is the co-founder of Fareground Cafe, which helps to create accessible and communal meals for all in the community of Beacon, NY. She is a mother, a social worker, a researcher, and a collaborator. She has worked as a social worker and researcher for the past 11 years and has collaborated with many diverse communities to create programs and changes for families in need. With a passion for social justice and social change, Kara realizes that concrete change must start right where one is standing and living no matter the length of time and she is committed to creating collaborative communities to create change.

Contact Info

We don't have a permanent home yet, but you can reach us at 

 (845) 202-3273   *   info@fareground.com*   P.O. Box 615, Beacon, NY 12508