Fareground's mission is to nourish our community by providing "pay what you can" delicious, locally-sourced, nutritious meals. Fareground will offer education and volunteer opportunities and be a gathering place where the entire community can share a good meal.

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 As part of the One World Everybody Eats community cafe movement to end hunger, Fareground congratulates Denise Cerreta!

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In The Hudson Highland about our sister project Tiny Pantries


It Takes a Village to Feed a City

By Brian PJ Cronin on July 20, 2017No Comment

Residents address hunger in Beacon with innovative projects

By Brian PJ Cronin

For most people, a nearly empty pantry is a problem. For Kara Marie Dean, it’s a sign of progress.

“This means it’s being used,” she explained while refilling the three shelves of a wooden cupboard outside the Beacon Recreation Center at 23 W. Center St. “That’s exactly what we want.”

There are other encouraging signs. As she stocked the pantry with canned vegetables and bags of pasta, she pointed to a package of infant formula and a box of tampons on the bottom shelf. “Those weren’t here the last time I was here,” she said. “Someone dropped those off.”




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The Randolph School Peace and Justice Celebration

Peace and Justice News Article

There is still a buzz in the air following our Peace and Justice Celebration, and much of the work is on display in the main staircase and in the Upstairs Block Room.  Last Friday, Ruby’s and Shep’s dad, journalist, Zach Rodgers, met with our 7,8,9, and 10-year-old kids and explored the journalistic merits of both our study and our celebration. Below is the news article that they constructed. The kids have plans to send it to the Poughkeepsie Journal and post it on Beacon Citizen’s Network. We have already emailed it to President Barack Obama!

Thank you, Zach, for bring your talent and expertise to this study.

Randolph School Celebrates Peace And Justice Study

More than 150 Randolph School kids, families, and friends gathered at the New Vision Church in Fishkill, NY for a performance and celebration of their annual eight-week Peace & Justice study.

The kids sang songs on Peace and Justice themes, shared their work, and ate snacks provided by Fareground Café, a pay-what-you-can community café. During the March 17th event, Fareground gathered $230 in donations, according to cofounder Kara Dean. Of that money, $105 went to cover food costs and $125 was donated to a homeless couple who had come to the church that day.

Pastor Benson, who hosted, spoke briefly of his mission – to help homeless families and families who are very poor. “The kids made a large donation to our food pantry,” Benson told the room. He added, “If ever you need any space to do anything, you call.”

He said the food pantry’s efforts aren’t only for the poor, but anyone who needs food, including people who have made money but have hit a rough spot. The New Vision Church feeds about 400 families each month. Randolph students collected and donated food to the church twice during the year, including some from their own garden. During their Peace & Justice study, Randolph students learned about historical figures, migrant workers, and segregation, among other topics. They brought those stories to the celebration event in the form of an interactive timeline to which proud family members made their own contributions.

During the musical portion of the day, Jacob Bernz, a singer/songwriter and former Randolph student, accompanied the kids on guitar. The group sang tunes like “Free As A Little Bird,” “Inch by Inch, Row by Row,” “What a Wonderful World,” and “Feeling Good.”

Beacon Community Resource Center

It was great to hang out with some of my Tuesday friends!  I have been volunteering every Tuesday with Uma at the beacon community resource center, which has been a great experience!  For those of you who don’t know Uma, she is Kavitha’s mom, an artist, and an amazing contributor to the free lunch program!  My first day with Uma consisted of us hanging out with the kids while they ate their lunch.  Next thing I know, I see Uma rounding up the kids for a massage train.  One behind the other they gave out massages and then turned their chairs around to switch.  Sister Lillian has been the leader at this site and it’s been great to get to know her as well!