Fareground's mission is to nourish our community by providing "pay what you can" delicious, locally-sourced, nutritious meals. Fareground will offer education and volunteer opportunities and be a gathering place where the entire community can share a good meal.

Our Mission

Fareground Cafe, in downtown Beacon, New York, will nourish the community by providing "pay what you can" healthy and delicious meals, education and volunteer opportunities. The cafe will be a gathering place where the community can come together to create fair ground. It will offer healthy food emphasizing organic, locally-grown, unprocessed ingredients, in a setting where patrons can support sustainability and become more educated about the importance of food security for the community. Soon to be a charitable 501 (c) (3) organization, the cafe is a non-profit, social enterprise, which generates self-sustaining income. 

Two major features of the cafe are its variable buffet menu based on sustainable seasonal eating and flexible pricing that make it affordable for all people. A "pay what you can" system, which includes the option of volunteering in exchange for a meal, creates a supportive, intentional eating community where all may share. The cafe is modeled on One World Everybody Eats, a successful restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah whose non-profit management is serving as consultants on this project and which has been replicated in many other cities. Its founder and current management are serving as consultants to this venture.

Little waste is generated when customers have control over selections and portion sizes and patrons cooperatively participate in determining a fair price for their meal. Work is accomplished by volunteers as well as by paid staff, so that the number of people on staff can be minimized, while pay rates for staff can be at a livable wage. Grant funding and in-kind contributions are sought to meet the start-up budget. After start-up, the cafe will be funded through its own revenue.

Through this model of healthy food, accessible for all, Fareground Cafe will participate in bringing about the changes necessary to build local food security and develop a healthier community.

Fareground Cafe will:

  • exist to provide local, organic food;
  • exist to provide a sense of community to our neighbors with a space to gather, relax, and connect;
  • strive to reach out and help to meet the needs of our neighbors and provide them a place to feel welcomed, safe and comfortable;
  • serve our neighbors, the privileged and under-privileged delicious, nourishing food, great fair trade coffee and tea, friendly faces and a warm, inviting atmosphere by giving them a hand up and not a hand out;
  • strive to eliminate hunger by creating a bridge between communities by addressing poverty and sustainability;
  • strive to be as ecologically sound as possible and maintain the utmost respect for our environment.

Fareground Cafe is Part of the One World Everybody Eats community cafe movement to end hunger.

Part of the One World Everybody Eats community cafe movement to end hunger